How to Arrange Fresh Cut Flowers Like a Pro

A pro arranges fresh cut flowers with creativity, expertise, and detail. This step-by-step instruction will help you make beautiful floral arrangements

Choose flowers of various shapes, sizes, and textures. Consider the colour scheme and desired aesthetic.  

Select Flowers  

Get a vase, flower foam, floral tape, floral shears, and any decorative items like ribbon or gems.  

Prepare Materials  

Sharp floral shears allow 45-degree stem trimming. Remove below-waterline leaves to prevent bacterial growth.  

Prepare Flowers  

Water your vase with clean, room-temperature water. Soak flower foam in water until saturated, then insert in vase.  

Prepare Vase  

To start your arrangement, put foliage or greenery in the vase. This will form and structure your design.  

Create a framework  

enhance focus flowers at various heights and angles to enhance depth and visual interest. Group similar flowers for impact.  

Create Arrangement  


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