How Long Should Puppies Go For Walks

You should make taking your dog for a walk a regular part of your routine. Specifically, this is due to the fact that dogs, just like people, require regular activity, and even a brief walk can provide a multitude of advantages. 

Dogs and puppies can become exhausted very quickly. Because of this, many people give their puppies five minutes of exercise for every month that they have in age. This is a general rule that is followed by many people. 

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Limit Puppies To Five Minutes of Exercise

Although puppy exercise is important, you should always be careful of how much you're doing. A leisurely walk should tire most dogs out. 

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Don’t Over Work Your Puppy

Owners of pups have probably seen them play. After playing, your dog will relax. Only your dog understands their limits. Be aware of your dog's actions. 

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Pay Attention To Your Puppy’s Body Language

Puppies have little energy, so don't overdo it until they're older. Your puppy won't need walks while young. Giant breeds tire faster than other breeds. 

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Playtime Counts As Exercise

Many toys are designed to exercise your dog's body and intellect. Interactive toys help dogs learn and grow. These engaging toys will exhaust your dog. 

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Buy Interactive Toy

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