Hardy Cranesbill Geranium Care and Growing Tip

Cranesbill geraniums are attractive garden perennials. Easy to see why. They grow easily, tolerate many environments, and require minimal care.  

How to grow hardy geranium 

Cultivating hardy geranium

Some grow in direct sunlight, mild shade, or dense shade. Most grow in morning and afternoon sun, but Geranium sanguineous, pretense, and their varieties thrive in full sun if the soil is damp.

Hardy geranium varieties

Hardy geraniums include 70 species and 700 variations, so there's one for every garden, gardener, and scenario!  

Planting hardy geranium

Hardy geraniums can be planted year-round, but autumn to late winter planting ensures good establishment and profuse flowering in their first year. Mail-order providers sell bare-rooted plants for late autumn–late winter planting.

Where to plant cranesbill

City and courtyard gardens, cottage and informal gardens, flower borders and beds, patios, containers.  

How to care for hardy geranium

Most hardy geraniums require little care.During the first year, dry weather requires frequent watering. Later, prolonged droughts may require irrigation to support plant development.  

Dividing hardy geranium

Hardy geraniums form massive clusters. Cut these in half or quarters with a sharp spade. To maintain growth and blooming, divide them every 3–5 years in autumn or spring.  


Hardy geraniums survive winter without protection, but it's best to trim off the stems to just above ground level and discard the debris to minimize powdery mildew-causing fungal spores.


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