Grow Persian Lily Flowers for Dark Garden Drama 

With their unique beauty, Persian lilies may bring drama to your yard. This tutorial will help you grow these beautiful flowers

Persian flowers like full sun to slight shade. These plants don't like water, so make sure the soil drains adequately.  

Select a Location  

Mix compost into the soil before planting to increase fertility and drainage. Persian lilies like acidic to neutral soil.  

Prepare Soil  

Persian lily bulbs should be planted in the fall 6-8 weeks before the first frost. This helps bulbs root before winter.  

Planting Time  

Create 6-8-inch-deep holes and space bulbs 6-8 inches apart. Put bulbs in holes with the pointed end up.  

Planting Depth  

To level soil, properly water bulbs after planting. Maintain soil moisture without waterlogging during the growing season. Water less when the flowers fade and let the soil dry.  


When spring growth appears, fertilise using a balanced formula. Application rates are manufacturer-specified.  


Mulch around plants to retain moisture, control weeds, and adjust soil temperature.  


In windy situations, Persian lilies may need staking to hold their tall blossom stalks.  



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