Grow New Guinea Impatiens for Color in Shade 

New Guinea impatiens like semi-shade. Choose a garden with morning sun or filtered light and afternoon shade. Check soil organic matter and drainage. Compost provides drainage and fertility to heavy, compacted soil.  

Choosing the Right Location 

Place New Guinea impatiens after April frost. Separate type-dependent plants 8-12". Put the plant in a hole slightly larger than its root ball and as deep as the container. Lightly compressed roots. Water fresh impatiens thoroughly to settle the dirt and nourish the roots.   


Keep soil damp but not saturated. Water plants often in hot, dry weather. Mulch plant bases to retain moisture, reduce weeds, and adjust soil temperature.  


Use balanced, water-soluble, or slow-release flowering plant fertilizer every 4-6 weeks. Avoid overfertilization by following manufacturer rates and frequency.  


Remove spent blossoms to keep flowers fresh. Clip or pinch fading blossoms at the root. To encourage new growth and bushier habit, prune lanky plants.  

Deadheading and Pruning 

New Guinea impatiens withstand pests but are sensitive to aphids, spider mites, and fungus. Check plants for pests and diseases and handpick or use organic pest control.  

Pest and Disease Control 

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