Grow Colorful and Edible Ornamental Flowering Kale 

Care and Growing Tips

Say farewell to worn-out annuals when cooler weather arrives. A variety of late-season flowers can keep your container looking fresh until frost.  

When to Plant Ornamental Flowering Kale

For the best looking fall containers, start flowering kale from seed indoors in early July. Plant outdoors in August, and wait for the autumn show! 


You may eat this kale. The edible foliage of kale is colourful. It is mostly used as an annual ornamental groundcover and in containers.  

Is Ornamental Flowering Kale Edible?

Ornamental Kale Plants

Not edible, ornamental kale (Brassica oleracea) and its relative, ornamental cabbage, are grown for their beautiful colours.  

How to Grow Ornamental Kale

Flowering kale can be grown from seeds or store-bought plants. In flats or pots, seeds can be scattered directly on the medium because they need light to sprout.  

Flowering Kale Care

Flowering kale care is pretty simple. Rule number 1 is not to let the plants dry out.  

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