Grow an Easy-Care Rugosa Rose for Rugged Beauty 

Rugosa roses are a great low-maintenance, beautiful garden addition. A easy guide to growing one 

come in many colours and sizes. Choose a kind that complements your garden and style. The deep pink 'Hansa', white 'Blanc Double de Coubert', and light pink 'Thérèse Bugnet' are popular.  

Rugosa roses   

Rugosa roses prefer full light but may tolerate moderate shade. They dislike wet soil, so choose a site with good drainage. They tolerate poor soil and salt spray, making them ideal coastal garden plants.  

Choose a Good Place  

Dig a hole somewhat larger than your rose's root ball. Mix compost or aged manure into the hole's bottom soil.  


Rugosa roses are drought-tolerant once established, although they need constant watering in their first year. Water deeply yet rarely to promote deep root growth.  


To preserve moisture, reduce weeds, and adjust soil temperature, mulch the plant base with organic material. Mulch breaks down and adds organic matter to soil.  


Rugosa roses often require little pruning. They naturally grow bushy and vigorously. They can be lightly pruned in late winter or early spring to remove dead or damaged wood and foster an open, airy shape.  



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