Grow a Gorgeous Fall Garden Your Birds Will Love 

A beautiful fall garden that attracts birds is a great way to appreciate nature in your home. Six suggestions for growing a beautiful fall garden that birds love  

Choose bird-friendly plants. Native plants are great because they adapt to your area and feed birds.  

Choose Bird-Friendly Plants  

Choose October bloomers with varying timing. This feeds birds during migration and winter. Late-season bloomers include asters, sedum, and goldenrod.  

Plant for Constant Bloom 

Berry-producing plants beautify your yard and feed birds in autumn and winter. Elderberry, winterberry, viburnum, and beautyberry have vivid berries birds enjoy.  

Introduce Berrying Shrubs 

In dry fall, birds need water to drink and bathe. A birdbath or small water feature will draw birds to your garden. Regular cleaning and refilling keeps water fresh and beautiful.  

Give Water  

For bird protection, your garden should have different plant heights and structures.   

Increase habitat diversity  

Avoid pesticides and artificial fertilizers for bird-friendly gardens. Pollution can harm birds and wildlife. Try organic gardening to save the planet.  

Avoid pesticides and chemicals.  


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