Grow a Dwarf Colorado Blue Spruce for Evergreen Beauty

Evergreen trees that stay green all winter, are naturally short-statured, and require only watering are here! Despite appearances, a single tree can contain all three features.   

The Blues Weeping Colorado Spruce 


The show-stopping weeping blue spruce is sturdy and gorgeous. Though fast-growing, it only grows to 10 feet tall and 5–10 feet wide. Downward branches feature dense blue-green needles.

Hinoki Cypress 


Hioki cypress is a compact, slow-growing, soft-needled evergreen with a pyramidal appearance and luxuriant, dark green fan-shaped foliage. It gives the plant a feathery feel.   

Blue Wonder Blue Spruce 


This tasty spruce can tolerate -40°F winters. Its blue-gray foliage and modest shape are lovely. A good miniature Alberta spruce alternative, this small evergreen looks great in winter containers.  

Dwarf Balsam Fir 


This compact, rounded fir with dense needles belongs on every miniature evergreen tree list. This slow-growing variety can endure -40 degrees F and is great for busy folks who can't prune.  

Chalet Swiss Stone Pine 


I love Swiss Stone pines, including this dwarf kind. ‘Chalet’ offers many tiny evergreen trees! This columnar, heavily branching little evergreen tree grows slowly and is attractive.   

Tip Top Dwarf Swiss Stone Pine 


To prove I love Swiss Stone pines, here's another miniature evergreen species suitable for small gardens. ‘Tip Top’ is lovely and sturdy (-40 degrees F). It grows to 6 feet tall and 3 feet broad in 10 years.   

Dwarf Serbian Spruce 


Its dense growth makes this compact evergreen tree perfect for small garden beds and foundation plantings. Velvety dwarf Serbian spruces feature green needles with white striping on the underside.    

Green Spire Euonymus 


Well-behaved ‘Green Spire’ euonymus is winter hardy to -10 degrees and has a more formal appearance than other alternatives. For small hedges or screens, the glossy green foliage is ideal.   

Green Arrow Weeping Alaska Cedar  


One of the best narrow evergreen trees for small gardens is ‘Green Arrow’, tall and narrow. ‘Green Arrow’ is the thinnest weeping Alaska cedar.  

Green Penguin Dwarf Scotch Pine 


The hefty, tidy dwarf evergreen 'Green Penguin' will show you why it gained its name. Its fluffy new growth and long-needled old growth make this dwarf scotch pine unusual.   

Dwarf Japanese Black Pine 


The needled evergreen is 4 feet tall and 2 feet wide and can survive -20°F. The spring candelabra and narrow growth habit of ‘Kotobuki’ make it ideal for pots and small gardens.   


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