Gardening for Tough Northern and Southern Location

Gardening in harsh northern and southern climates is difficult, but with the appropriate approach, it's possible. Tips for both regions

Select plants that can handle high temperatures and humidity. Look for heat-tolerant or heat-resistant types.  

Choose heat-tolerant varieties

In excessive heat, shade your plants during the warmest portion of the day. Shade cloth, tall plants, or shaded constructions can accomplish this.  

Provide shade  Soil  

Water thoroughly but rarely to promote deep root growth and avoid water stress. Mulching keeps soil wet and slows evaporation.  

Use Water Smartly  

Grow heat-sensitive lettuce, spinach, and peas in cooler months. Tomatoes, peppers, and eggplants should be saved for warmer months.  

Timing Matters  

Southern soils are sandy or clay-like and lack organic content. Add compost to increase soil structure, water retention, and nutrients.  

Alter Soil  

Use companion planting to naturally repel pests and shade or support surrounding plants. Marigolds, basil, and nasturtiums complement many herbs and vegetables.  

Companion Planting


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