Garden Mum vs Florist Mum: What’s the Difference? 

Are Garden Mums the Same as Florist Mum

It's possible that a stunning chrysanthemum plant (Chrysanthemum morifolium) you saw in a garden centre had a tag identifying it as a garden mum.

Florist Mums Are Annual

Also known as a pot mum, a florist mum is typically sold as an annual to use as fall decorations in containers or as gift plants. 

Can Mums Survive the Winter in Pots?

“I have a beautiful mum plant. Is there a way to keep it in my home throughout the cooler winter months?” asks Birds & Blooms reader Mary Moore of Wautoma, Wisconsin. 

Florist Mums

This is the kind of fall mum that is widely available and usually seen in supermarkets, flower stores, and greenhouses. These are planted primarily for the fall flowering season, when they will be sold in pots.  

Garden Mums

Hardy mums flower in the fall, just like florist mums, but they are planted in the spring, giving them time to establish themselves over the whole growing season.  

How to Care for Mums the Right Way

Despite the differences between florist mums and garden mums, caring for these fall-flowering plants is not that different. 

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