Fried Italian Sweet Peppers Recipe

Fried Italian Sweet Peppers go well with Italian sausage, scrambled eggs, bruschetta, spaghetti, and any fork in my mouth. Summer isn't summer without them. Get them at the market, fried them, eat them, repeat!  


– Oil for frying, enough to cover bottom of pan + ¼”  – 2 pounds whole frying peppers  – Coarse sea salt – Fresh basil leaves, for garnish (optional)

Gather everything you need. Before you fry them, wash the whole peppers in cold water and dry them totally with a paper towel.  

Step 1


Put about ¼” of oil in a Dutch oven or a big pan with high sides. Put it on medium-high heat.  

Step 2

Line up the peppers whole on the bottom of the pan and let them cook before turning them over. Brown on several sides and until soft. It will take fifteen to twenty minutes.   

Step 3

If you have to, work in batches and don't pack the pan too full! If you put too many peppers in the pan, the oil will cool down and stop letting the water evaporate, which will make the peppers steam, get too oily, or not brown properly.  

Step 4

Put the fried peppers on a plate or bowl, and then add coarse sea salt and fresh basil leaves, if you want. Goodbye! Enjoy your meal!  

Step 5

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