Find 3 differences between the pictures of the ostrich and its eggs in 11 seconds!

Two images of an ostrich and its eggs can be seen in the image posted above.  Right away, the two images appear to be quite similar, don't they?  

However, they aren't. The readers will have eleven seconds to identify the three changes between the two photographs.  

Your time begins now!Because the differences between the two photos can be small or apparent, readers must have excellent focus to see them.  

According to studies, these kinds of activities activate the parts of the brain linked to memory and focus.  

As a result, engaging in these activities regularly improves memory recall and concentration. Time is running out, so hurry up.  

How many of you were able to identify every difference in the allotted time? Kudos to the readers who managed to identify every distinction.  

Readers are welcome to compare their responses to the following solution.  

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