Favorite Fall Flowering Plant: Autumn Sage

Autumn sage is lovely! Its bright red, pink, and purple blossoms warm the fall garden. Also, it attracts pollinators like hummingbirds, adding beauty and ecological benefit.   

These autumn blooms are flexible for any garden due to their many colors and shapes.  

Mum's Chrysanthemums  

Japanese anemone elevates fall gardens with its delicate stalks and nodding blossoms.  

Japanese Anemone  

This resilient succulent produces clusters of small flowers that tint the yard pink, scarlet, or white in fall.  

Stonecrop (sedum)  

Goldenrod, more accurately called ragweed, attracts pollinators and illuminates the landscape with its yellow plumes.  


Toad lily, with its orchid-like blossoms, thrives in shade and adds playfulness to the fall garden.  

Trichyrtis toadlily  

Asters are autumn garden staples and feed pollinators with late-season nectar with their daisy-like blossoms in blue, purple, and pink.  



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