Essential Tips for Overwintering Potted Plants

The display can't last, even if you've spent the entire summer admiring your assortment of houseplants, potted tropical plants, annual flowers, and delicate herbs on the deck or patio.

Q1 : How Should I Prepare Potted Plants for Winter?

A very small amount of grooming is needed. Remove any damaged or wasted leaves, stalks, or flowers. If the plant seems to have outgrown its container and is looking to be pot-bound.

Q2. What Are the Benefits of Overwintering Potted Plants?

A. To start with, it's a really cost-effective approach to garden. Reader Darcy Larum of Birds & Blooms in Janesville, Wisconsin says, "I like to overwinter container plants like geraniums and sweet potato vine. 

Q3:  Can I Keep Potted Herbs Producing Over the Winter?

A: You could give it a shot! Just think of how great some fresh rosemary or thyme would be added to a winter soup or stew! 

Q4:  How Do I Provide Enough Light for Overwintering Tropical Plants?

A: Certainly! If there's nowhere bright in your house for them to go, which can be difficult this time of year, add more artificial light to your space. 

Q5:  How Should I Care for Houseplants During Winter?

A: During the winter, houseplants benefit from resting. While you shouldn't ignore them, feeding or watering them throughout the heat isn't a smart idea either. 

Q: Should I Place Tender Potted Plants by a Window?

A: Avoid letting individual leaves come into contact with window glass during freezing, icy, or snowy winters as the cold may cause damage or death to them. 


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