Enjoy the Backyard Benefits of a Moon Garden 

Moon gardens are peaceful and fun to make! Imagine a peaceful paradise with white and light-colored flowers, reflective foliage, and fragrant blooms lit by the moon.    

Relax in your starry hideaway after a long day. A moon garden's tranquilly can be very restorative after a long day.  

Relaxation at Night  

Walk through your moon garden with all your senses. As night falls, jasmine, night-blooming nicotiana, and moonflower emit their enticing smells, while soft rustling leaves provide a soothing background.  

Sensory Experience  

Under the moonlight, your garden becomes magical. Light-colored flowers and variegated foliage reflect moonlight, creating a stunning atmosphere unlike anything you'll see during the day.  

Moonlight Charm  

Moon gardens draw moths, bats, and fireflies, bringing magic to your outdoor space. Visitors to your garden add to the environment and provide interesting insights.  

Night Time Visitors  

Meditate or relax in your moon garden to find calm. Nighttime silence and leaf rustling can help you relax and achieve balance.  

Relaxation, Meditation  

Like hummingbirds, hummingbird moths may hover in midair. This lets them eat flower nectar while flying.  

Flight Pattern  

Your moon garden may host unique events under the sky. From a romantic supper for two to a cosy get-together with friends, the garden's tranquilly and ethereal beauty will wow your visitors.  

Social Events  

Your moon garden should blossom and be interesting year-round. Some plants glow brightest in moonlight during warmer months, while winter-blooming jasmine and witch hazel provide seasonal charm in cooler months.  

Seasonal Interest  


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