Easy Perennials That Anyone Can Grow 

Late spring to late summer blooming hardy plants come in many colors. Adaptable to many soil conditions, they require little upkeep.  


Black-eyed Susans brighten any garden with their yellow or orange petals and dark centers. They attract pollinators and tolerate dryness.  

Black-eyed Susans 

Sedums (stonecrops) have thick leaves and clusters of tiny flowers. They thrive in drought and require minimal care.  


These daisy-like flowers bloom profusely from summer to fall in various colors. Simple to plant, coreopsis attract butterflies to the yard.  


Hostas are valued for their rich green, blue, and gold leaves. They thrive in partial shade and are low-maintenance.  


Russian sage is a drought-tolerant perennial with silver-gray foliage and small lavender-blue blooms. It grows easily and provides elegance to the garden.  

Russian Sage 

Catmint flourishes in drought and has fragrant foliage and lavender-blue blossoms. It resists deer and attracts pollinators.  


Beautiful coneflowers bring butterflies and bees to the yard. They grow easily from seed or nursery-grown plants and come in many hues.  


Shasta daisies bloom late spring to early fall with white petals and yellow centers. They need little care and create great cut flowers.  

Shasta Daisy  

Its fragrant foliage and purple flowers make lavender popular. It thrives in sunny, well-drained areas and needs little water once established.  


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