Easiest Tomatoes to Grow: 7 Foolproof Varieties

For good reason, tomatoes are a popular crop. These antioxidant-rich foods rule many cuisines and can be eaten raw or cooked.  

Anyone who produces tomatoes says cherry tomatoes are easiest. Taste and sweetness are usually good.Cherry tomatoes grow quickly (50-60 days) and give abundantly with little maintenance.  

Cherry Tomatoes

For good reason, ‘Early Girl’ exists. In 54 days, insect-free indeterminate slicing tomatoes mature.Classic red slicers are big and disease-resistant. Little can go wrong with ‘Early Girl’.  

'Early Girl'

Roma is the most popular paste and plum tomato since it's disease-resistant. Romas are great for sauces, but they can also be eaten fresh and dried.  


The uncommon heirloom ‘Black Krim’ tomato's sweet, smokey flavour pairs well with habanero or hatch pepper in fish, pig, beef, or chicken salsas or sauces. It matures in 70 days.  

‘Black Krim’

‘Celebrity’ tomatoes are adaptable to most diseases, conditions, cracking, and splitting, and can survive without watering.  


Large slicing ‘Brandywine’ tomatoes. This beefsteak tomato is pink, red, black, or yellow. This firm tomato has a sweet, crisp flavour and is perfect for a loaded burger or BLT.  


Try ‘Green Zebra’, a 78-day-maturing green-striped tomato, to spice things up.The open-pollinated, indeterminate vining tomato ‘Green Zebra’ features stripes and a reddish flush.  

‘Green Zebra’

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