Don’t Overlook a Dazzling Damselfly

Due to weeks of sunshine, early summer wildflowers are everywhere, juvenile birds are being fed, and the walk up to the Osprey Centre is full of insects.

Black darter


watch a dragonfly eat insects (or small fish) see a spectacular aerobatic demonstration.  Dragonflies fly fastest and best, manipulating each of their four wings!

Common Hawker in flight 


Each eye has 30,000 light sensors, making adult dragonflies hard to catch.  They are dangerous hunters because their spherical eyes on either side of the skull can look in separate directions.    

Emerald damselfly


Many don't comprehend since we just see them die.  Dragonflies spend eight weeks as adults searching for food and mates, but their larval, submerged stage lasts three years!  

Golden ringed dragonfly


The white-faced darter, which prefers peaty, acidic pools with sphagnum moss, and the northern blue damselfly, which we're lucky to observe in Abernethy forest, are other rare dragonflies and damselflies.  

Northern blue damselfly


When you encounter a dragonfly or damselfly, look closely—these interesting and graceful insects deserve more recognition than we give them, and learning more will change how you see them. 


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