Delicious Goat Cheese Pasta With Chicken & Rosemary Recipe

Goat Cheese Pasta with Chicken and Rosemary is easy to make for a weeknight supper yet classy enough for a date night.  

– 1 tablespoon vegetable oil – 1 pound dried rigatoni – 1 quart heavy cream – 2 tablespoons chopped fresh rosemary – 1 clove fresh garlic crushed – 8 ounces goat cheese – 2 cups shredded roasted chicken – salt and pepper to taste


Heat a large pot of salted water on high and boil quickly. The packaging guidelines say to cook the rigatoni with oil in water for 10-12 minutes.  


Step 1

Pour the cream into a large sauce pan over medium heat while the water boils. Simmer the cream with rosemary and garlic without boiling.   

Step 2

Reduce cream by half. Add goat cheese and chicken and simmer until the cream coats a spoon.  

Step 3

Drain pasta well. Add pasta to sauce. Cover pasta with sauce and boil on low for a few minutes. Serve hot.  

Step 4

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