Crinum Lily Care and Growing Tips 

How to Care for a Crinum Lily

Southern summer gardens feature mid- to late-summer Crinum lilies. They can be sown April–October in most locations.  

Benefits of Growing Crinum Lily

Two favorite backyard visitors, butterflies and hummingbirds, enjoy crinum lily. Other pollinators are also drawn to the flowers. 

Ask the Experts: Identifying Crinum Lilies

“My mystery plant (above) has produced a flower for the first time in 15 years. What is it?” asks Birds & Blooms reader Elaine Comarella of Marion, New York. 

Crinum Lily Bulbs Not Blooming

“What are these plants (above)? The leaves die back but once the weather warms up, they’ll sprout again, though they’ve never bloomed,” asks reader Cynthia Stickler. 

How to Grow Crinum Lilies

Early spring, plant huge bulbs in broad sun or filtered light. A few water retention pellets in the soil enable crinum lilies establish.  

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