Controlling Pokeweed: How To Get Rid Of Pokeberry Plant

Pokeberry weed was utilized in medicine and cuisine by Native Americans, and many Southerners have made pies with it, but it can be deadly.      

Pokeweed is a perennial with a red, woody stem and long, oval leaves up to 10 inches (25 cm). From July to September, greenish blossoms produce grape-like fruit.              

What is Pokeweed?



Traditional medicine and pies employ the fruits, but they contain substances that trigger unpleasant physical reactions.        

To remove common pokeweed manually, dig deep and remove the taproot. Because it leaves roots that regrow, pulling rarely works.              

Common Pokeweed Control



Prevent fruit spread by removing them off the plant. The plant can produce 48,000 seeds that last 40 years in soil.        

If you have some of this plant on your property and are feeling daring, try making a pie with the berries. A safer fruit use, however,              

How to Use Pokeweed Berrie




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