Best Container Plants: Bacopa Flower

Multipurpose frail perennial bacopa. In full sun and well-draining soil, bacopa develops a gorgeous, spreading ground cover that is annual in all USDA zones but perennial in zones 9-11

1. Shrubs To Plant With Bacopa

Bacopa produces an easy-care ground cover with boxwood, arborvitae, fake cypress, or yew hedge in warmer growth zones 9-11. Purple, white, or pink blooms contrast with most formal hedging's rich green leaves.

2. Perennials To Plant With Bacopa

With moist soil, bacopa grows nicely in sunny or slightly gloomy situations and complements herbaceous perennials. White-flowered bacopa and shade-loving wild plants make a graceful design.

3. Annuals To Plant With Bacopa

Bacopa blooms until fall and pairs well with many annuals. In bedding, place bacopa next wax begonias, pansies, verbena, snapdragons, monkey face flowers, or impatiens.

4. Best Companion Plants For Bacopa in Container

In seasonal containers or alone, copa fills and spills well. Bacopa is ideal for hanging baskets, window boxes, and containers due to its trailing habit and variety of bloom hues.    

5. Plants Not To Grow With Bacopa

To bloom year-round, bacopa needs frequent watering and drainage. Drying shortens bacopa's life. Therefore, bacopa should not be cultivated alongside waterside plants like most native grasses. 

6.Best Plants To Grow With Bacopa

White flowers make a white-themed garden look beautiful during the day and even nicer at night. A low-growing shrub-annual mix is ideal for short-term patio or deck planting.  


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