Attract More Butterflies With Fuzzy Flowers 

Liatris, also known as blazing star or gayfeather, attracts monarchs and swallowtail butterflies with its tall spikes of fluffy purple flowers.  


Bee balm has pink, red, or purple tubular blooms. Flowers attract butterflies, bees, and hummingbirds due to their fuzzy texture.  

Bee Balm  

Milkweed is monarch butterfly caterpillars' main meal. Unique structure and fuzzy look attract butterflies to the flowers.  


The fragrant, fuzzy blossoms of lavender attract butterflies, bees, and other pollinators. It attracts helpful insects and enhances herb gardens.  


Joe Pye weed has huge, fluffy pink or mauve flowers. Swallowtails and admirals visit the nectar-rich blooms.  

Joe Pye Weed 

Ageratum, or floss flower, produces clusters of fluffy, powder-puff-like blue, purple, pink, or white blossoms. Nectar-rich blossoms attract butterflies.  


Many salvia types have fluffy blue, purple, red, or pink blooms. Swallowtails and skippers frequent these nectar-rich blooms.  


Russian sage has towering spikes of small, fluffy lavender-blue blossoms that attract butterflies. The scented foliage also enhances the garden.  

Russian Sage 

Catmint spikes have little, fuzzy blue, purple, or white blooms. Nectar-rich blossoms attract butterflies, bees, and other pollinators.  


Blanket flower has vividly colored petals and fuzzy centers like daisies. The bright blossoms attract butterflies like painted ladies and fritillaries.  

Blanket Flower 

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