AEW's Kyle O'Reilly Names His Canadian Mt. Rushmore Of Professional Wrestling

AEW standout Kyle O'Reilly dubbed his Canadian wrestling team Mt. Rushmore. On "The Wrestling Classic," O'Reilly was asked which Canadian wrestler would go on wrestling Mt. Rushmore. AEW celebrity nominated Bret Hart and a fifth person if five are allowed.  

"Man, you don't want to forget anyone," O'Reilly started. "Bret Hart, Owen Hart, Adam Copeland, and Chris Jericho," I'll say. If we could have five, I would also put Christian Cage on that list.  

As host Justin Dhillon said, the former ROH World Champion agreed that Copeland and Cage might be put next to each other on the Mt. Rushmore of Canadian wrestling.  

He also said that Stu Hart might be a part of the Canadian Mt.   

People called him the "Mount Rushmore" of wrestling and compared him to George Washington as the founder of Canadian professional wrestling.  

The AEW star agreed with Dhillon that "Rowdy" Roddy Piper, who is in the WWE Hall of Fame, is another name that gets missed. O'Reilly said that people forget that Piper is Canadian.  


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