8 Types of Christmas Trees You Can Grow 

Eastern White Pine

You can set up Eastern white pines early because their long, flexible needles stay on after cutting. White pine has no scent, which may benefit allergy sufferers.  

Balsam Fir

Need a cold-weather tree? Choose balsam fir! This tree grows about 1 foot each year in colder, moister soils, making it a popular northern Christmas tree.  

Douglas Fir

This is the preeminent Christmas tree type in the Pacific Northwest, and it’s very popular in other parts of the country, too. 

Colorado Blue Spruce

The Colorado blue spruce stands on its own among Christmas tree types, widely admired for the lovely silvery-blue color of its needles.  

Fraser Fir

Similar in many aspects to the Balsam fir, Fraser firs are native to the Appalachian mountain region of the eastern United States.  

Noble Fir

Native to the Cascade and Coast Range mountains of the Pacific Northwest, the noble fir earns its name with stiff sturdy branches and excellent symmetry.  

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