7 Ways To Get For Fuller & More Voluminous Hair 

Choose a haircut with volume and movement. Layers, especially crown and face-framing layers, can make hair appear thicker. Hair can appear thicker with a shorter haircut.  

Choose the Right Haircut 

Volumizing shampoos, conditioners, and styling treatments give hair lift and body. Rice protein, keratin, and collagen products can volumize hair.  

Use Volumizing Products 

To increase root volume while blow drying, turn your head over down. While blow drying, raise the hair at the roots with a round brush away from the scalp for maximum volume.  

Blow Dry Upside Down 

Backcombing or root-teasing adds volume instantly. Tease tiny portions of crown hair using a fine-tooth comb or brush. For polish, smooth the hair's surface over teased portions.  

Tease Your Hair 

Dry shampoo absorbs oil at the roots, lifting and volumizing hair. Massage dry shampoo into the roots, focusing on the crown, to spread it evenly.  

Use Dry Shampoo 

Hair at the roots can be volumized using Velcro or hot rollers. For long-lasting volume, roll little pieces of hair around the rollers while your hair is still warm after blow drying and let them cool before removing them.  

Try Velcro Rollers or Hot Rollers 

Use clip-in hair extensions or volumizing hairpieces for quick volume. For special occasions or more volume, these can thicken and fill your hair.  

Consider Hair Extensions or Volumizing Hairpieces 

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