7 Tips How to Fix Your Sleep Schedule 

Fixing your sleep routine can boost your health. Seven ways to get back on track  

Sleep and wake up at the same hour every day, even weekends. This helps balance your body's internal clock and aids natural sleep and wakefulness.  

Consistent sleep schedule  

Create a soothing pre-sleep routine to signal your body to unwind. Reading, warm baths, and meditation are examples.  

Set a bedtime routine  

Limit screen usage (phones, laptops, TVs) an hour before bed. Blue light from these devices can disrupt melatonin production.  

Reduce Blue Light  

Your bedroom should be sleep-friendly. Keep it cool, dark, and silent. Using blackout curtains, earplugs, or a white noise machine may help.  

Make Sleeping Comfortable  

Avoid coffee and large foods before bed. A large dinner and caffeine can interrupt sleep for several hours. If you're hungry before bed, eat light.  

Watch Your Diet  

Regular exercise can help you sleep faster and deeply. Avoid strenuous exercise before bedtime, as it may have the opposite impact.  

Exercise Regularly  

Practice deep breathing, yoga, or writing to reduce stress. Stress can make sleeping difficult.  

Manage Anxiety and Stress 


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