7 Surprising Facts About Succulents 

What Is a Succculent?

This one of our facts about succulents might surprise you. “Succulent” is a loose term with no single definition. It refers to any plant with fleshy parts—leaves, stems.

One Succulent Blooms Once a Decade

The century plant’s name might make you think it blooms every 100 years, but it actually blooms every 10 to 15 years. 

Some Gardeners Can Grow Succulents Outdoor

Some say echeveria is the most attract of all succulents. If you’re in Zones 9 to 11, give this beauty a try in the garden; it’s a classic drought-tolerant roseate succulent.  

Aloe Vera Attracts Hummingbird

There are more than 250 species of aloe plants in the world. In the United States, aloe can generally be grown outdoors only in Florida, California and Texas. 

Are Cacti and Succulents the Same?

Cacti alone amount to about 1,300 succulent species. Remember that all cacti are succulents, but not all succulents are cacti.  

Succulents Are Versatile Garden Plant

Succulents are versatile and can be used in different landscapes. Use them in container, roof, vertical, garden beds and borders, or rock gardens.  

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