7 Small Butterflies You Should Never Overlook 

Certainly! Butterflys are beautiful and interesting. These seven little butterfly species are often neglected but deserve recognition.

This little butterfly is stunning with its iridescent blue colour and prominent hindwing tails.  

Eastern Tailed-Blue (Cupido comyntas)  

Due to their small and cryptic colouring, these little butterflies are often overlooked, but a closer look reveals rich patterns and subtle beauty.  

Common Satyrium hairstreak  

Its delicate green colour mixes with its pine woodland home, making this little butterfly easy to miss.  

Eastern Pine Elfin  

This little, inconspicuous hairstreak has exquisite wing patterns that make it charming.  

Satyrium acadicum—Hairstreak  

Due to its small size and pale blue wings, this butterfly is often mistaken for a moth. But its delicate beauty is worth admiring.  

Celastrina ladon—Spring Azure

This butterfly is little yet colourful, with orange wings with black dots and a metallic shine.  

American Copper (Lycaena phlaeas)  

This little species is easily noticed due to its brilliant reddish-orange hindwing bands.  

cecrops, red-banded hairstreak  


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