7 Gardening Solutions and Remedies to Stop Doing 

Certainly! Seven gardening solutions that are widely advised but should be avoided  

Pesticides can manage pests, but overuse can kill beneficial insects and pollute the environment. Instead, use beneficial insects or traps for integrated pest management.  

Chemical Pesticide Overuse  

People think plants need lots of water all the time. Root rot and other complications might result from overwatering. Water plants according to their demands and weather.  


Artificial fertilisers can enhance plant nutrition quickly, but overuse can cause soil nutrient imbalances and kill valuable soil organisms. Better option: organic fertilisers or compost.  

Overusing Synthetic Fertilisers

Healthy soil supports healthy gardens. Instead of focusing on plants, add organic matter, rotate crops, and avoid excessive tilling to improve soil health.  

Ignoring Soil Health  

Pairing species to boost growth and deter pests is companion planting. Ignoring these guidelines may reduce yields or increase pests.  

Neglecting Companion Planting  

Poor pruning weakens plants and spreads diseases. Learn proper pruning strategies for different plants to keep them healthy.  

Pruning Wrong  

Chemical weed killers can do the job, but they also harm valuable plants and soil creatures. Use mulch, hand-weeding, or weed barriers to control weeds without chemicals.  

Using Only Chemical Weed Killers  


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