7 Best Dwarf Tomato Plant

Medium Dwarf Chocolate Lightning tomatoes taste balanced and ripen in 85 days. This strong shrub yields chocolate-colored fruit with green and gold streaks and grows 3–5 feet (1–1.5 m) tall. Slice- and sandwich-friendly.  

Dwarf Chocolate Lightning 

Determinate Uluru Smoked, sweet medium-to-large ochre tomatoes. Rare amber-orange-green black/orange. On 4-foot (1.2-m) plants, early development takes 65 days.  

Uluru Ochre  

Pink-purple indeterminacy Mini Rosella ‘Cherokee Purple’ tomatoes are excellent. Three- to four-foot containers grow plants in 75 days.  

Dwarf Rosella Purple 

Bush Early Girl is a tasty, productive 18-inch (46 cm) determinate tomato. Get red 4" (10 cm) fruits in 63 days. Good tomato cutting.  

Bush Early 

Disease-resistant 10- to 12-inch Tiny Tim tomatoes. At 45 days, half-inch (1.3 cm) red fruit matures. Perfect for snacking and salads. A strong yet moderate producer.  

Tiny Tim 

Cooking tables may grow delicious Red Robin tomatoes. Abundant at 6–12 inches. Red 1-inch (2.5 cm) fruits. Day 55 harvest.  

Red Robin 

Cherry-red determined At 6–8 inches, Micro Tom is the tiniest dwarf tomato. Abundantly produces. Micro Tom benefits from indoor grow lighting. Day 85 harvest. Tina Microfresh sweeter.  

Micro Tom 

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