6 Tips for Watering Container Gardens 

Choose bottom-draining containers. This releases surplus water to prevent root rot and waterlogging. Porous pots like terra cotta increase root ventilation and minimize overwatering.  

Choose the Right Containers 

Set a watering schedule based on plant needs, soil type, and weather. In hot, dry weather, potted gardens may need more water than ground plants.  

Establish a Watering Schedule

Water profoundly. Water until excess water drains from the container to reach the roots. Watering shallowly hurts plants and decreases root growth.  

Water Thoroughly 

Morning or late afternoon watering reduces evaporation and fungal infections in container gardens. Watering during the hottest part of the day may evaporate before plants absorb it.  

Water at the Right Time 

In hot, dry weather, check soil moisture often. Stick your finger an inch deep in the ground. Add water if this depth is dry. If soil moisture is hard to feel, buy a meter.  

Monitor Moisture Levels 

Mulch prevents weeds, retains moisture, and regulates soil temperature. Straw, bark, and compost nourish soil by decomposing.  

Mulch the Soil

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