6 Plant-And-Forget Vegetables That Will Thrive Even When Neglected

If you have well-draining soil, growing beets is easy; otherwise, add organic matter. Beets can be grown all winter in the South or after the final frost in cooler regions. They might be partially shaded.  


Rhubarb, a perennial vegetable, tastes great in both sweet and savoury meals. Plants grow again, however they should not be picked until their second or third year to stabilise.  


Garlic is one of the easiest crops to grow, however it takes 180-210 days.Growing garlic requires cool temperatures: four to six weeks before freezing in colder places, till February in warmer parts.  


Winter squashes include butternut and spaghetti. The tasty fruits ripen in 80–110 days and can be used as main dishes.Winter squash is easy to grow, but vines need space.  

Winter squash

Though grown in the South in winter, potatoes are a cool-season vegetable ideal for the North.Growing potatoes is appealing because there are 100+ types. This crop adapts and preserves well.  


Growing onions with sets instead of seeds is easy. Last year's marble-sized onion seedlings survived winter.Plant the sets in sunny, well-draining, organic soil at 50°F (10°C).  


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