6 Flowering Full Sun Desert Plants to Grow 

Desert marigold, a hardy perennial, blooms profusely in full light with bright yellow daisy-like flowers and silver-gray foliage. It attracts butterflies and bees and tolerates dryness.

Desert Marigold  

Dry-tolerant perennial penstemons with tubular pink, purple, red, and white blossoms. They attract hummingbirds and blossom abundantly in sunlight.  


Mexican blanket flower is a hardy annual or short-lived perennial with red and yellow blanket blossoms. It attracts butterflies and other pollinators in hot, dry regions.  

Mexican Blanket Flower 

Texas sage, also known as barometer bush or purple sage, is a low-maintenance shrub with silvery foliage and purple, pink, or white blossoms. It blooms intermittently in response to humidity and precipitation, beautifying the desert.  

Texas Sage 

A native perennial globe mallow blooms bright orange, pink, or red flowers profusely in spring and intermittently throughout summer in full light. It attracts bees and butterflies and tolerates dryness.  

Globe Mallow 

Brittlebush is a drought-tolerant perennial shrub with silver-gray foliage and bright yellow daisy-like blossoms. It thrives in full light and is crucial to the southwestern US desert.  


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