5 Red Leaf Lettuce Varieties To Spice Up Your Garden Greens

Growing lettuce is simple and rewarding, but red lettuce is more interesting. Not only can red lettuce brighten salads and wraps,      

Both green and red lettuce are low-calorie and nutritious. Red lettuce is colored by anthocyanin, an anti-carcinogenic and anti-inflammatory pigment.              

Is Red Leaf Lettuce Healthier?



Personal preference determines the best lettuce. I favor cos or romaine lettuce for their crispness and durability. There's red romaine lettuce.              

Tastiest Types of Red Lettuce



As beauty is subjective, so is picking the loveliest red lettuce. The reds alone are stunning. Combining that with delicate, ruffled leaves makes them all lovely.                

Prettiest Red Lettuce Type



Red Deer Tongue, an heirloom with loose heads and long leaves, has a great name. It bolts quickly, so only cultivate it in spring or fall.      

Ruby Gem makes green-centered rosettes. This red leaf lettuce grows to 10 inches (25 cm) broad and thrives in containers and window boxes. Bolt-resistant, it thrives in summer heat.        

Semi-sweet and nuttiness characterize both. As the leaves grow, red leaf becomes bitterer and sweeter with hazelnut undertones.                  

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