5 Essential Butterfly Photography Tip

I take hundreds or thousands of butterfly photos daily in a butterfly garden and free-flight exhibition. Over  I've developed recommendations that work for most individuals with simple cameras.

1. DO Take a Lot of Picture

Thanks to digital cameras, you can take as many photos as you want without wasting film. For every good photo I take, I reject hundreds or more.

2. DO Start From Far Away

Like other creatures, butterflies are terrified. Butterfly images from several feet or yards away are my best since the butterfly was ignorant of me and worked. Photo editors allow cropping and zooming.  

3. DO Use Your Camera Settings to Your Advantage

Butterfly photography doesn't require a costly camera. Automatic focus is almost always used on my non-professional DSLR camera.  

4. DO Butterfly Photography in the Early Morning or Late Afternoon

Butterflies sleep at night and rise before dawn. When warming up, they spread their wings to catch the sun, creating gorgeous photographs.

5. DON’T Touch or Try to Manipulate the Butterfly

Delicate butterflies might be damaged by your touch. Try not to poke the butterfly to open its wings or fly higher. Photograph nature responsibly.  


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