5 Easy Ways to Attract and Help Butterflies 

Have lots of flowers blooming throughout the growing season

Planting lovely flowers is a good start, but attracting butterflies requires more. Many mature butterflies take nectar from many flowers.  

Plant and grow as many different types of plants that are native to your area as possible

We usually think of mature butterflies while luring them to our sites. Without infants, it's hard to have adults. That applies to anything.  

Think about other potential ways to attract butterflies, especially the species that typically don’t visit flowers

Some butterflies act strangely. Since they rarely consume nectar, they rarely visit our garden blooms. These butterflies may drink sap from tree wounds or feed on overripe fruit, excrement, or decomposing animals. W

Provide year-round habitat because most butterflies don’t fly away for the winter

Butterfly species like monarchs and a dozen more move south in the fall and return in April. Since they're not here year-round, such species don't need year-round habitat. Most species don't.  

Reduce your use of pesticides

It should be obvious, but I'll say it. Avoid using insecticides around your butterfly garden. Insecticides, herbicides, and fungicides  

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