5 Easy And Cute Hairstyles To Try Right Now 

Put your top hair in a loose ponytail. Use ponytail and bobby pins to bun. For a messy look, remove a few strands. A fashionable headband behind your bangs or fringe will cover your head.  

Messy Bun with Headband 

Take a short strand of hair from either side of your head near your temples. Reverse each section. Secure the twists behind your head with clear elastic or bobby pins. Hidden elastic with short hair adds a touch.  

Half-Up Twisted Hairstyle 

Low ponytail at nape. Wrap a colourful ribbon around the ponytail base, leaving the ends loose. Wrap ribbon around the ponytail holder for style. Flowers on Side Braid:  

Low Ponytail with Ribbon 

Three-strand braid your hair from the side of your head. When your hair is done, elasticize the braid. Put some real or fake flowers in the braid for fun.  

Side Braid with Flowers 

Wear a high ponytail on top. Let a multicoloured scarf loosely around the ponytail base. Change the scarf ends' size and shape into a bow. Have fun leaving the bow on top of the ponytail or off to the side.  

Onion Juice 

These hairstyles are easy to produce and suitable for both casual and formal events. Play around with accessories to personalise them!  


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