5 Container Garden Ideas to Attract Hummingbirds

Window boxes and hanging baskets provide drama and color, but container gardening may also be functional! Create a hummingbird buffet with these tried-and-true container garden ideas to increase tiny combinations.

How to Choose a Container

Anchoring requires the right container. Many alternatives await. Look for rows of them in every size, shape, and colour at the garden centre.  Before planting, choose an inspiring container.


Design Containers Like a Pro

Height adds to thrillers' appeal. Plant to suit pot viewing. Place it in the middle for all-around viewing. Put it in the back if only seen from the front.  


Add Drama With Tall Plant

Tall plants decorate containers easily. Colourful annuals and perennials are offered. Growing plants in containers doesn't require annual removal. Keep perennials in a weatherproof planter throughout winter to start next year.


Include Trailing Plant

Hanging baskets and container gardens need trailing plants. Garden centres typically include trailing plants. Trailing begonias, petunias, geraniums, sweet potato vine, and licorice vine work well.   


Choose Bold Color

Not all bright red flowers go with bright red containers. Color can be used strategically. Pick your pot. Quite colourful. What accents suit bright orange, yellow, or blue pots?  




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