5 Alternative Easy Gardening Methods You Should Try 

Yes, here are five different ways to garden that are simple to use and can produce great results.

Small areas benefit from potted plants, buckets, and other containers. Plant herbs, vegetables, and flowers on your patio, balcony, or beside a sunny window. Container gardens improve soil, drainage, and insect control.  

Container gardening  

Vertically grow plants to save space. Vertical gardens use pallets, trellises, or wall-mounted pots. This strategy works for tomatoes, cucumbers, beans, morning glories, and ivy.  

Vertical planting  

Square foot gardening spacing principles apply to vegetable planting in squares. Saves space and streamlines crop rotation and upkeep. This is for novices and those with limited time or mobility.  

Square-foot gardening  

Decomposing straw bales replace soil beds in straw bale gardening. This strategy works for poor soil or limited productive land. Straw bales feed plants and keep moisture. Adjustable to suit varied tastes and settings.  

Straw Bale Gardening 

Hugelkultur uses compost, logs, branches, and leaves in raised beds. Decomposing organic matter feeds plants and improves soil structure and water retention. Hugelkultur beds are low-maintenance and aid arid or nutrient-poor regions.  



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