14 Funny Pictures of Chipmunks You Won’t Want to Miss

Chipmunks can be friend or foe in the garden — but sometimes, they're just funny! You'll laugh at these reader-submitted chipmunk photos.


Chipmunk and a Friend

I wanted to observe frog and chipmunk daily. They saw each other twice daily. The frog wasn't scared by the chipmunk. Birds & Blooms reader Isabelle Marozzo likes this chipmunk shot best.


A Funny Pumpkin Feeder

Birds & Blooms reader Mary Handle sent this photo of a rodent eating seeds from a nicely carved pumpkin. 


Yummy or Yucky?

The chipmunk in this humorous shot by Birds & Blooms reader Allen Batt had its paws over its mouth. What did it eat to cause that reaction? 


A Really Big Bite

I dubbed this chipmunk Alvin after years of photographing him. He's always glad to see me, and this photo shows that, says Phyllis Keating. 


Pictures of Chipmunks on a Feeder

Look again. That's no bird! “I liked this photo because of its originality and humor!” comments reader Chantal Major. 


Hungry, Hungry Chipmunk

Sweet chipmunk placed peanuts in his cheeks. He seemed to think there was always place for one more and didn't want to leave one in case another chipmunk got it, says Lisa Douglass. 


Colorful Flower Petal Snack

This chipmunk wanted food! This morning glory flower shot by reader Celia Searle suggests the creature discovered one. 


Stop and Smell the Flower

Birds & Blooms reader Anne Duvall sent hilarious photos of a rodent sniffing daffodil blooms. 


Pictures of Chipmunks in Fall

“This chipmunk stocked up for winter from my one bird feeder. Animals and birds share and take turns. Got to adore it, comments reader Gail Durant. 


Chipmunk and Cherry Tomatoes

“Our backyard chipmunks are our favorite. Our small striped pals devoured these cherry tomatoes, says Larry Gandolfi. 


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