12 Pretty Pictures of Milkweed Flowers in Bloom 

Fritillary on Milkweed Flower

Royal fritillary butterflies on milkweed plants in the Kansas Flints Hills were photographed by me. Regal fritillary butterflies only live in the tall-grass prairie and feed on flowers in June and July.  

A Butterfly Conversation

While waiting to eat outside, I took this photo. The restaurant is next to a small airfield with tall grasses and white swamp milkweeds along a runway.  

The Beauty of Milkweed Flowers

I've maintained a pollinator garden with birds, bees, and butterflies for years, but I applied for Monarch Waystation accreditation a few years ago.  

Nature at Its Finest

“I photographed this monarch butterfly on a flowering milkweed plant on the Delaware River. Nature at her finest!” says Robert Peyre Ferry. 

The Value of Milkweed

“In summer, milkweed is a vital monarch butterfly host. Our verified monarch Way Station attracts tagged monarchs from past summers to lay their eggs in our yard.  

Milkweed Beauty Brings Joy

“Yes, this is a weed—a milkweed. I grow it in my flowerbed to attract monarch butterflies.  

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