12 Houseplants You’ll Probably Regret 

Houseplants vary but can be attractive and colourful. Some require frequent upkeep, while others are challenging. If you're not ready for these 12 houseplants' idiosyncrasies, you may regret buying them:  

It's hard to keep these delicate ferns alive indoors because they need high humidity and steady wetness.  

1. Maidenhair Fern

Fiddle leaf figs are beautiful because they have big leaves, but they can have problems like root rot and being sensitive to changes in their surroundings.  

2. Fiddle Leaf Fig

Orchids are very pretty, but they can be picky about how much water and light they get and often need specific circumstances to grow well.  

3. Orchids

To grow, these tropical beauties need a lot of sunlight and room, which can be hard to give them inside.  

4. Bird of Paradise

Venus flytraps are interesting, but they need very specific care, like distilled water and a damp place to live. This makes them hard for newbies to take care of.  

5. Venus Flytrap

Calatheas are known for their beautiful leaves, but they can be sensitive to light, temperature, and watering, so they need constant care.  

6. Calathea (Prayer Plant)

Like maidenhair ferns, maidenhair vines need a lot of humidity and careful watering to keep from drying out.  

7. Maidenhair Vine

Bonsai trees are beautiful, but they need a lot of care, like trimming, watering, and paying attention to what their soil needs.  

8. Bonsai Trees

Even though they are called peace lilies, they can be hard to take care of because they don't like too much or too little water. They often need a careful balance.  

9. Peace Lily

These pretty flowering plants need regular watering, indirect light, and good soil conditions. This makes them less accepting of caretakers who don't do their jobs.  

10. African Violet

To keep from getting root rot, which can happen a lot, this one-of-a-kind trailing plant needs bright, indirect light and careful watering.  

11. String of Pearls

Gardenias have lovely flowers that smell great, but they are very picky about how they grow. They need acidic soil, humidity, and good air flow.  

12. Gardenia

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