11 Genius Garden Hacks You’ll Want to Steal Immediately 

Gardens can be more efficient and successful using gardening hacks. These 11 clever garden tips may help  

Start seeds in empty eggshells instead of seedling containers. Decomposing plants supply nutrients to the soil and can be planted directly into the ground when seedlings are ready.  

Eggshell seedstarters  

Coffee grinds fertilise acid-loving plants like tomatoes, roses, and blueberries with nitrogen. Sprinkle them around plant bases.  

Coffee-Ground Fertiliser

Mark plants with wine corks or painted rocks. Write the plant name on them with a permanent pen and plant them close to your plants.  

Homemade Plant Markers  

Place a huge barrel under your gutter downspout to collect rainwater. Save money on your water bill and reduce runoff by watering your garden during dry spells with this water.  

DIY Rain Barrel  

Epsom salt naturally contains magnesium and sulphur, vital plant nutrients. Use a spoonful of Epsom salt in a gallon of water to water plants for healthy development.  

Plant-Health Epsom Salt  

Make unusual garden pots from colanders, muffin tins, and shoes. Be creative and personalise your garden.  

Recycled Garden Tools  

To control weeds and keep soil moisture, place newspaper between garden rows. Spread mulch over the newspaper to hold it in place and boost its effectiveness.  

Newspaper Mulching  

Spray weeds with white vinegar instead of toxic poisons. Vinegar's acetic acid kills weeds without hurting soil.  

Use Vinegar to Kill Weeds  

Planting certain crops together repels pests, attracts beneficial insects, and boosts productivity. Marigolds can repel nematodes and other pests when planted with tomatoes.  

Companion Planting  

A huge plastic container with air openings on the sides makes a compost bin. Fill it with food scraps, yard debris, and other organic matter and turn it periodically to make nutrient-rich compost for your plants.  

Make a Compost Bin  

Slugs, snails, and ants can be controlled by fossilised algae-based diatomaceous earth. Sprinkle it around plant bases to keep pests out.  

Diatomaceous Earth Controls Pests  


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