10 Popular Edible Mushrooms (And How To Cook With Them) 

Certainly! Here are 10 common edible mushrooms with cooking tips  

They can be sautéed with garlic and herbs for a simple side dish, used to pasta sauces, pizzas, or stir-fries, or stuffed with cheese and breadcrumbs for an appetizer.  

Button Mushrooms   

Grill or roast them to provide a meaty alternative to burgers or steaks, stuff them with vegetables and cheese, or slice them for salads or sandwiches.  

Portobello Mushroom  

Stir-fry them with veggies and tofu, add them to soups and stews for umami, or marinade and grill them for a savory side dish.  

Shiitake Mushroom  

Sauté them with butter and garlic, add them to creamy pasta dishes, risottos, frittatas, or toast and fry them for a crispy appetizer.  

Oyster Mushrooms   

They can replace button mushrooms in soups, stews, sauces, and sautés, or be roasted with olive oil, salt, and pepper for a simple side dish.  

Mini Mushrooms  

Cook them with shallots and white wine, add them to omelets or quiches, mix them with spaghetti and cream sauce, or serve them with grilled meats or fish.  

Chauterelle mushrooms  

Use them in creamy mushroom sauces for steaks or poultry, risottos, soups, or toast and fried them for a crispy delight. Sauté them with butter and seasonings.  

Morel Mushroom  

Dried porcini mushrooms lend depth to soups, stews, and risottos, or sauté fresh porcini with garlic and parsley for a side dish or grilled meat topping.  

Porcini Mushroom   

Serve them raw in salads or sushi rolls, garnish soups and noodle dishes, or lightly fry them in stir-fries or hot pots.  

Enoki Mushrooms   

Sauté them with onions and herbs, add them to pasta or grain bowls, make vegetarian stir-fries or curries, or roast them with root vegetables for a tasty side dish.  

Maitake Mushrooms 


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