Top 10 Low Maintenance Perennials

Top 10 Low Maintenance Perennials: Nice gardens are easy to maintain. Brighten and simplify your garden with low-maintenance perennials.


Top 10 Low Maintenance Perennials

This article includes the best 10 low-maintenance perennials for beginners and busy gardeners. Easy-care plants with bright blooms and lush foliage may improve your landscape year after year with minimum watering and pruning.


1. Daylily

Gardeners like daylilies’ trumpet-shaped blooms and low maintenance. Daylilies come in many hues and sizes and grow in full sun to mild shade.

Established hardy perennials bloom all season with watering and deadheading. Daylilies’ lengthy blooms and robust growth beautify borders, beds, and containers with little effort.


2. Black-Eyed Susan

Black-eyed Susans are valued for their adaptability and dark-cored yellow blooms. Busy gardeners can plant drought-tolerant perennials in full sun and well-drained soil.

Self-seeding black-eyed Susans bloom with occasional watering during dry times and deadheading. Long-lasting blooms and animal appeal make black-eyed Susans a low-maintenance perennial border, meadow, and cottage garden classic.


3. Sedum

Stonecrops—sedums—are succulent, drought-tolerant perennials. These easy-care plants thrive in full sun and poor, well-drained soil, making them excellent for rock gardens, borders, and pots.


Once established, sedums need little watering and trimming because their thick leaves store drought moisture.

Pollinators and year-round texture and interest come from sedums’ long-lasting blooms and gorgeous foliage. A winter beauty from dried seed heads.


4. Coneflower

Like daisies, coneflowers (Echinacea) thrive under tough environments. These drought-tolerant plants like full sun and well-drained soil but can tolerate partial shade.

If established, coneflowers only need deadheading and occasional watering in dry months. In perennial borders, meadows, and wildlife habitats, coneflowers add color and attract animals.


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5. Catmint

A fragrant perennial with long-lasting blossoms, neceta (catmint) is low-maintenance. Dry, hot areas suit these drought-tolerant plants, which prefer sandy to loamy soil and full light.


Watering and shearing allow catmint to grow compactly and blossom regularly.

Catmints’ aromatic leaves, airy spikes of lavender-blue flowers, and appealing gray-green foliage attract pollinators and prevent deer and rabbits, adding elegance and texture to borders, rock gardens, and cottage-style gardens


6. Russian Sage

Perovskia, or Russian sage, is a drought-tolerant perennial with silvery foliage and tall lavender-blue flower spikes.


The easy-care plants thrive in full sun and well-drained soil in hot, dry, sandy soil. Since its aromatic foliage repels rabbits, Russian sage requires little watering and pruning once established.

Russian sage attracts pollinators and beautifies borders, meadows, and cottage gardens year-round with minimal work.


7. Blanket Flower

Blanket flower gaillardia blooms brightly and tolerates dryness. Low-maintenance plants suit hot, arid climates and poor soil since they grow in sandy to loamy soil and full sun.

With minimal care and deadheading, blanket flowers bloom all season. Long-lasting blanket blooms attract insects and birds to borders, meadows, and wildflower gardens.


8. Hosta

Woodland gardens and shaded areas benefit from hostas’ luxuriant foliage and easy care. These low-maintenance plants like moderate to full shade and moist, well-drained soil.

Only occasional watering and mulching are needed. Hostas’ many leaf forms, sizes, and colors provide style to shady borders, woodland gardens, and containers with little care. Beautiful and versatile year-round, hostas require minimal care.


9. Baptisia

Baptisia, or false indigo, thrives in drought and flowers beautifully. Low-maintenance plants suit hot, arid climates and poor soil since they grow in sandy to loamy soil and full sun.

The strong taproots of baptismias make them drought- and heat-resistant, requiring little watering and trimming. Baptisias’ pea-like flowers and leaves attract pollinators and beautify borders, meadows, and cottage gardens in winter.


10. Yarrow

Achillea, or yarrow, is a hardy perennial with fluffy foliage and long-lasting flowers. These drought-tolerant plants thrive in sandy to loamy soil and full light in hot, arid areas.

When planted, yarrows need watering and deadheading. Easily maintained yarrows attract pollinators and give therapeutic effects in borders, meadows, and cottage gardens.



Beautiful gardens are easy to maintain. Low-maintenance perennials bring color and health. The best 10 low-maintenance perennials, from vibrant daylilies to lush hostas, provide year-round interest with watering and trimming. Simple, gorgeous low-maintenance gardening requires little work.

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