Top 10 Full Sun Perennials That Thrive in Sunshine

Top 10 Full Sun Perennials That Thrive in Sunshine :  Easy to grow, these beautiful perennials thrive in full light and do not wither in the summer heat. In addition, the diligent plants grow every year.


Top 10 Full Sun Perennials That Thrive in Sunshine

For full-sun summer blooms, annuals are popular, but some perennials compete. Full-sun perennials are hardy and blossom for weeks. Pollinators will have food every year. Perhaps best of all, buying perennials lets you spend once and receive the results.


1. Coneflower

Because it thrives in many climates, this purple beauty is seen in prairie plantings throughout. It always impresses with its huge, bright flowers in summer’s severe heat and full sun. Coneflowers grow 2 to 5 feet tall and have purplish pink petals with golden disks. Newer cultivars are white, yellow, orange, tomato red, and pink. Zones 3-8.



2. Shasta Daisy

Common cultivar Becky has a classic look that will make you smile. Divide Shasta daisies every three years to rejuvenate and prolong blooms. The big 3- to 4-inch flowers bloom midsummer to fall if deadheaded. These strong, erect plants grow 1–3 feet tall and won’t overrun your garden. Zones 4–9.


3. Rose Campion

Rose campion (mullein pink, dusty miller) is a short-lived perennial that never dies. Self-seeding means new plants are always ready to take over. Plants grow 2–3 feet tall with pink flowers above velvety gray leaves. A few cultivars have white, red, or white flowers with pink centers. Adaptable to drought. Zones 4-8.


4. Russian Sage

This perennial attracts pollinators, resists deer, heat, wind, drought, and poor soil, and gardeners grow it. It blooms long-lastingly. Purplish blue flowers bloom midsummer to early fall, complementing the aromatic gray-green leaves. 3–5-foot Russian sage has an open, relaxing habit. Keep Russian sage erect behind a solid companion to avoid stakes. Consider a 2¹/₂-foot-tall dwarf variety. Zones 4–9.


5. Pincushion Flower

The Butterfly Blue pincushion flower should shine in full-sun perennial gardens. First, its lavender-blue blossoms attract butterflies. Spring until frost, the small pincushions bloom on 12- to 15-inch wiry stems. Butterfly Blue is ideal for sunny border fronts due to its tiny size and lengthy bloom time. Zones 3–7.



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6. Coreopsis

Just for its light green foliage, moonbeam coreopsis deserves a garden position. Its summer blooms of creamy yellow flowers make it worth planting. Shear spent flowers for fall blooming. Moonbeam is a good front-of-border plant at 12–18 inches. Besides heat and humidity, it thrives in dry, rocky soils. Zones 3–9.


7. Black Eyed Susan

Black-eyed Susans are noted for their long bloom times, but Little Goldstar goes further. Midsummer to early October brings its beautiful golden yellow flowers with chocolate centers. Butterfly favorites grow 2–3 feet tall and may stand without staking. They can tolerate dry and moist soils, even thick clay, although they prefer sunny, well-draining soil with plenty of moisture. Little Goldstar looks wonderful bordered or containerized. Deer-resistant. Zones 4-8.


8. Yarrow

Strawberry Seduction Yarrow’s summer clusters of dusty red blooms with golden centers make it beautiful. Small but abundant, the blossoms grow 18–24 inches and fade to light pink and brown. Divide yarrow every several years to control its proliferation. Zones 3–9.


9. Sedum

Plant it and forget it—sedum is the lazy gardener’s best buddy. Autumn Joy is a popular cultivar that grows 18–24 inches tall and has blue-green succulent leaves that withstand animal grazing. Sedum thrives in full light and well-draining soil. The cultivar’s pink or rusty red blossoms make this mounded perennial beautiful in late summer and early fall. Stay for winter interest—the blossoms are still pretty after browning. Zones 3-8.


10. Veronica

If deadheaded, Sunny Border Blue veronica forms a dense clump of crinkled green foliage with violet-blue flower spikes from summer to fall. Sunny Border Blue stands 18–24 inches. Try Royal Candles for shorter plants. Veronica is a great cut flower and pollinator favorite. As long as the soil drains, it can adjust. Zones 4-8.


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