Roses Love Garlic: Here’s Why

Roses Love Garlic: Here’s Why :- Garlic can help prevent fungal illnesses like blackspot and shield flowers from insects. Garlic should be planted toward the base of your rose plants.


Roses Love Garlic: Here’s Why


Grow Garlic With Your Roses

Garlic and roses don’t seem like a match made in heaven, do they? But it is, in fact! Garlic can help shield roses from fungal illnesses in addition to harmful insects.

Aphids detest garlic; they are not fond of it at all! Neither ants nor snails are particularly fond of garlic. Garlic also possesses anti-fungal qualities, according to research, which helps prevent fungal infections like blackspot.



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When and How to Plant Garlic

Garlic should be planted next to roses in the fall, even if they have finished blooming for the season. Garlic is fairly simple to plant. Garlic is available in the produce department of your neighborhood supermarket. Garlic types of fancy no matter to roses. Oh, and did you know that the June Birth Flower is the rose?


Just split the cloves into individual pieces and plant 4 inches apart, approximately 1 foot from the rose bush’s root. Using a standard spoon, dig a hole that is 1 1/2 inches deep. Plant the cloves so that the pointy end is pointing upward. And that’s it! I assured you it was simple.


Soon your garlic will send up green shoots. The shoots will stay green in warm-winter areas and die back to the ground in cold areas. Don’t worry, the cloves will quickly send up new shoots in spring.



How to Harvest Garlic

When the green leaves begin to turn brown in late spring or summer, it’s time to harvest your garlic. After the garlic has “cured,” or hung up and dried, for a few weeks, you can even use it in cooking. Note: You may cook with your homegrown garlic only if you haven’t used any pesticides on your flowers (insecticidal soap is fine, though).



Benefits of Growing Garlic and Roses Together

Garlic is supposed to improve rose smell in addition to deterring aphids and fungal infections, according to The Herb Society of America. Garlic is recognized for having a strong aroma, so that may seem contradictory, but give it a try!

Therefore, plant the garlic cloves around your roses the next time you go to the grocery shop. These plants truly are the ideal combination.

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