How To Plant Red Onions – Grow Delicious Red Onions With Ease

How To Plant Red Onions – Grow Delicious Red Onions With Ease: Not only do red onions make food taste better, they also add a splash of bright color to any yard. If you know what you’re doing, you can have a very good harvest of red onions when you grow them yourself.


How To Plant Red Onions – Grow Delicious Red Onions With Ease

We’ll show you how to plant red onions step by step, from choosing the right types to taking care of your crop until it’s time to pick.


Choosing the Right Variety

It’s important to pick the right kind of red onions for your yard before you start planting.


Choose types like Red Baron, Red Bull, or Red Candy Apple, which are known for having a deep color and great taste.

If you grow them in the right way, these types do well in home gardening and give you good crops.


Preparing the Soil

Red onions do best in dirt that drains well and has a lot of green stuff in it. First, get the dirt in the place you want to put ready.

Loosen the ground at least 6 inches and get rid of any trash or weeds. To make the earth more fertile and help it drain better, add compost or old dung. Soil should have a pH between 6.0 and 7.5 for onions to grow well.


Planting Red Onions

Red onions can be grown from sets, seeds, or stems. The best and most popular way to plant red onions is in sets, which are small onion seeds.

As soon as the ground can be worked in early spring, plant sets appear. Sets should be placed 4 to 6 inches apart, and rows should be 12 to 18 inches apart. Set them down just below the soil’s surface so that the pointy end faces up.


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Caring for Your Crop

Once they are planted, red onions don’t need much care, but they do need to be checked on often to make sure they grow well.


Regularly water the onions so that the soil stays wet but not soaked. Putting mulch around plants can help them stay moist and keep bugs away.

Every three to four weeks, feed the onions a balanced fertilizer to help them grow well.


Pests and Diseases

There are some bugs and diseases that red onions can’t get, but typical onion bugs like onion maggots and thrips can still hurt them.


Keep an eye on your plants often for signs of pests or disease, like leaves turning yellow or growth that stops.

To keep onion maggots away from young plants, use row covers. To get rid of thrips, use insecticidal soap or neem oil.


Harvesting Red Onions

When the tops of the red onions start to turn yellow and fall over, it’s time to pick them. This usually happens between 100 and 120 days after planting, in late summer or early fall.

Use a garden fork to loosen the dirt around the onions, being careful not to hurt the roots. After you pick the onions, let them cure in a warm, dry place for one to two weeks before putting them away.


Storing Red Onions

Once the onions are ready, cut off the tops and roots, leaving a 1-inch stub. Keep the onions in a cool, dry place that gets a lot of air flow, like a basement or closet.

If you fix and keep them right, red onions can last for several months.



It’s fun and satisfying to grow red onions at home, and the bulbs can keep giving you flavor for months. You can get a lot of these useful and healthy veggies from your own yard if you plan ahead, plant them, and take care of them.

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